Every phase of the project goes without a hitch...all delivered materials and
supplies are the right size, quantity and specification... arriving precisely when
needed. No tradesmen or subcontractor arrives late or makes mistakes...nothing is
forgotten or overlooked, no work ever has to be re-done, every deadline is met with
room to spare and costs stay perfectly in line with budgets .
Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn't it?  Unfortunately...it is.
But that doesn't mean you can't have a “problem free” building project.
  At MultiLayer we believe that a truly great building contractor is one that knows
and anticipates the unforeseen problems that will occur and implements effective
solutions to overcome them.
   Architects tell us that, effective solutions shouldn’t:                        
Compromise structural quality or integrity
Compromise design or functionality
Add to the overall cost of the project or extend completion deadlines
We couldn’t agree more!
   An important part your job, is to assemble and lead a professional team that can
deliver the building you designed and the one your client expects... on time and on
budget. Your reputation and ours depends on it!
After 14 years of constructing buildings in the Plettenberg Bay area  and the Western
Cape we think of ourselves as construction professionals who understand the
building process from end-to-end.
MultiLayer would be a valuable asset to add to your professional team for your
next  problem free construction project. 
Imagine a building project that went exactly according to plan...
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problem free construction
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