We asked architects like yourself... what were the most important qualities they looked for
when choosing a Building Contractor? 
 We did that because we want to be your first choice when choosing a construction partner and
we wanted to make sure we understood what was important to you.
The answers we got back were best stated by one Architect as:
 “A desirable contractor is one that can navigate skilfully through the difficult problems –
whether technical, administrative or relational - with integrity and a good measure of
Peter F. Hapstack- Architect, Principal at Core Architecture & Design
...and we’d like to add to the list by pointing out some of our best practices and qualities.
 A realistic understanding of the time-frame that is desired
 An understanding of local building codes, requirements and best practices
 An aesthetic understanding of the quality required, and the knowledge of how to
 achieve that quality;
 A pragmatic understanding of the budget
 Last but most important: how to balance all of the above
 Of course, it goes without saying that the ability to demonstrate a solid reputation, financial
stability, team player skills and effective contract management and communications are
indispensable qualities as well.
As a busy Architect you probably have more than one job on the go and you need to work with
a builder that you can trust...a building contractor that understands your job and knows that his
job is to manage the construction processes and solve construction problems...so you don’t
have to!
  A building contractor that takes and accepts responsibility, understands the implications and
knows when to ask for clarification... so you don’t waste time putting out fires or clarifying
the obvious.
  A business professional that understands that to keep the task in line,  the suppliers, sub-
contractors and employees need to be treated fairly and paid on time...so you don’t have to
deal with delays caused by payment issues or third party disputes.
Integrity and Ingenuity
So.... what’s the bottom line for you as an Architect?
That’s who MultiLayer is!
Put us on your Prefered Contractors List and
 Include us in your next tender process...
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